Diverse! Unique! Amazing!! That’s who we are as SoCal women. It’s an exciting time in our district and I know that God has great things He’s been storing up for just this hour. I believe that we haven’t seen the half of how God is going to reveal Himself to His church and this world. There are three major things that are on my heart concerning YOU that I hope that we can accomplish:

  1. Equip: bring resources and information your way so that you can be effective in your church and community.
  2. Encourage: It gets rough out there and I want you to know you’ve got a friend! We are praying for you every week, and trusting that God is pouring out His grace and favor on your life and ministry.
  3. Enlighten:we are in a battle, my friend. We have to plan AND pray! We must know our enemy and really know our God, daily being transformed by the Word and filled with His Spirit.

My prayer is that everything we do FOR Him comes from a heart of knowing Him, loving Him and then serving Him. Ladies, you know how to do this so well! We have a rich history of women who have put their hands to the plow to bless, educate, rescue, feed and resource others around the world. How amazing it is when we join forces and do together what we could not accomplish on our own. So, who are we? We are women who are about the Father’s business in our nation, state, churches, communities and our world. We are career women and stay at home moms. We serve in our church and outside of our church. We are multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-taskers. We are ordinary and extraordinary. We are women of faith, believing the Promises of God over our circumstances, trusting Jesus and living life joyfully. And most of all, we have tremendous thankfulness in our hearts for the great grace that God has given to us as followers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

NondaLet your light so shine!
With love, Nonda


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