Project Hope 2012


PH_Poster_(1)_thumbEach year over 7,000 young girls and their families will be coerced to cross the boarder from Nepal to India in hopes of education, job opportunities and a better life, but will find themselves in the horrifying life of sex slavery and brothels. This year we will partner with the Global Family Care Network as together we focus on human trafficking and their continued work of rescue, intervention, long term care and awareness education. Together, we can help bring girls from hopelessness to freedom.




Here’s how you can get involved:


GIVE – your investment rescues lives
PRAY – the battle is won on our knees
SERVE – start a local Daughter Project service club in your community
GO – join the SoCal Women’s mission’s trip to Nepal June 19-26, 2012

Project Deadline: November 1, 2012

To start a Daughter Project Club:

1. Once you have three founders passionate about protecting and helping daughters, select a President, Treasurer and Secretary to be the founding leadership of the new club.

2. Register your club here

3. Download and print the club handbook from the members only page.

4. Network… Each founder invites 5-10 members to join the club.

5. Meet… Start with 'Core Meeting 1' from the club handbook

For more information call SoCal Women at 949.252.8695 or email wms@socalnetwork.org.


T-Shirts Now Available

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