Anti-Sex Trafficking

For decades, SoCal Women have been actively engaged in the fight to free women from the sex trafficking industry. We have rolled up our sleeves to clean and stock safe homes in Los Angeles, financed Homes of Hope in India, shared with victims on the streets in Madrid, distributed awareness and prevention materials in Nepal, financed new centers across Europe and have raised thousands of dollars to help rescue and restore the lives of countless girls. Most of all we have joined the army of prayer warriors, calling on the power of God to dismantle this stronghold and bring healing to the heart, mind, soul and bodies of these beautiful young women. To the atrocity of modern-day slavery, we say, NOT ON OUR WATCH.

There’s still so much more to do. Here’s how you can get involved.

Project Rescue - World Wide Ministry  

Assembly of God Missionaries
David and Beth Grant,
Founders/Executive Directors
Visit Project Rescue here

Forgotten Children- Ministry to Southern California        

Tera Hilliard
Visit Forgotten Children here

Global Center for Women and Justice through Vanguard University   

Dr. Sandra Morgan
Visit Global Center for Women and Justice here