Single Moms

The best Single Mom leader now has a Facebook group for you! Lois Breit is a single mom with 5 children who's husband left her on Christmas Eve many years ago. Today, all of her children are in ministy and she is our U.S. Missionary to Single Moms. Her Facebook group gives you access to teaching, encouragement and an amazing community of like-minded women who understand where you are.
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Lois Breit, Assembly of God U.S. Missionary to Single Moms

Lois speaks  at events across the country for single moms, women, congregations, and leadership. She also speaks at Spanish events with the use of an interpreter. She offers unique help, encouragement, and practical parenting techniques with topics that include hope, vision, forgiveness, truth and expectation. Lois also offers resources and training to better equip the Church in reaching single parents, the fastest growing demographic in the U.S.